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We all know that one parent…

We all know that one “super-jock” parent who is TOO vocal at the kids’ games, right? He’s calling all the fouls, criticizing the refs and coaches, and even other children. He’s still so pissed that he wasn’t good enough or he didn’t work hard enough to attain his own athletic dreams that he rides his kid and pushes them obsessively in sports.

95% of the crowd thinks he’s a jerk, but nobody says anything because they don’t want to cause a scene in the stands. The other 5% are the parents in the little click who always sit together. They won’t say anything for fear of being ostracized in their social group.

Seriously, folks need to lighten up! They are kids, they make mistakes. Referees and coaches make mistakes, we ALL make mistakes. It’s ok. Why can’t we all just sit back and enjoy watching our kids play. Revel in the fact that your offspring are in to athletics and not drugs, and stop ruining it for them and everyone around you!


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