Naked to the World

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I’ve posted. I have really no excuse other than I’ve just been really busy trying to balance work, school, business, and family responsibilities, and if I am to be honest, I have been falling short on every front.

A week before Thanksgiving I had hernia surgery. In my mind, I was only going to be out of commission for a few weeks and then I’d be right back at it. I had already lost 25 pounds and I knew that a small set back wasn’t going to derail my success! Boy was I wrong! I was unable to work out until after Christmas! Almost 6 weeks of not working out really put me in a funk and I found myself slipping back in to old bad habits of eating due to boredom and stress. Had it not been for Shakeology, I would have gained a ton of weight, but I managed to get through the holidays having only gained 8 pounds.

My oldest daughter moved back in with us for a few weeks during Christmas and New Year’s and of course her stuff was stacked up in the garage where our exercise space is. I totally took advantage of this excuse to continue my bad choices. After all was said and done, I gained about 12 pounds back of the 25 I had lost. I was really depressed about it and felt like a big phony. I’m sure that feeling came through in my personality because that was also about the time my business started to take a dive.  I became so focused on building the business back up that I lost focus on what it really is all about.

I got in to the fitness coaching business to help people just as I had been helped. It feels so good to know that I’ve greatly impacted the health of another person and helping someone else achieve their goals is what I believe my calling is. For whatever reason, I lost sight of that and it became about the money.

I haven’t really been one to look up to for motivation as of late and for that I must apologize. I am supposed to be coaching and inspiring others, but I really got in a dark place these last several weeks with all of the pressure that has been put on me. A good friend who is familiar with my business had to dish out some tough love. You see, if I am not walking the talk, then how am I supposed to be successful as a fitness coach? She totally called me out! She knew I hadn’t been doing my daily workouts and it showed in my mood. My Facebook posts had turned in to nothing more than shameless product barking and I am really not proud of that. The one thing that I had going for me was that my Facebook page was all about inspiring others to take a chance on themselves and become healthier and I screwed it up. She told me to take a break from my business for a few weeks and focus on myself because if I’m not happy with me then I can’t effectively help others. Makes sense.

So here I am, starting over (somewhat). I am part of an accountability group just like the ones I place my clients in to. At first I didn’t like the idea of taking what seems like a step backward, but after thinking about it I realize that she was right. I need to work on me for a bit so that I can be the husband, father, and coach that my wife, children, and clients deserve.

3 comments on “Naked to the World

  1. You’re not starting over. You’re starting again, reinvigorated. It happens to the best of us. I’ve lost 80 lbs twice in my life and gained it all back due to a variety of circumstances and my own lack of will power. I’m in the middle of my third weight loss journey (50 lbs down, 20 to go). We got this, Eddie 🙂 Rich and I report our calories and fitness to each other every night. Accountability is a real motivator. Good on you!


  2. Thanks Carrie, I certainly know how powerful accountability can be. It is how I lost the 25 lbs to begin with and it’s what gets my clients great results. I think I just got so busy that I forgot to take care of me.


  3. Hey Eddie one of the first things you need to do is not beat your self up. You took responsibility that’s what matters and your taking a breather than doing it again. That’s what is important. We all fall short at times to our selves our families , business, school ect. We are human life gets hard CRAP happens and we slip. What is important isn’t that we fail but that we get on that bloody damn horse again. That’s what we want to show all our families friends and clients. If one of your clients stumbled you would tell them the same thing! I can tell by your fb posts that you care greatly for your family. You have a ton of balls in the air one or two is bound to occasionally fall. So here is me saying breathe you got this and you are a wonderful person.. now quick catch.


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